Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm still alive (last I checked)

So um I've been kind of busy these past few weeks. Well, that isn't exactly true, but I've had exactly zero motivation to do much. Sometime soon I'll write up my travels to the Inauguration and all that fun stuff.

One thing that's fun to consider: so far this year, I've been on trips to Peoria, IL and Washington, DC, with stops in Virginia, Maryland and Buffalo, NY, along the way. In about 15 minutes I'm leaving for Ypsilanti, MI. Then next weekend I'm going to Long Beach, CA, and after that I'll either go to Boston, MA, or Indianapolis, IN. The next weekend after that I'll be in Eau Claire, WI. After that I'll stick around IL some more, with fun fun side trips to Peoria and Dekalb. But then there's a pretty good chance I'll go to Montreal, Quebec, in March, and in April I'm going to Akron, OH and Springfield, MO. Then there's always the possibility of Grad School visits. Oh and wherever I go during spring break.

I guess what I'm saying is that it's fun to go places.

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